Monday, October 11, 2010

International Food Festival Pictorial

On Saturday evening, Darden hosted its annual International Food Festival in beautiful Flagler Court. The festival reminds us how wonderfully diverse and talented our community is. Whoever invented this idea was a true genius.  After all, who doesn't love eating food?

Following a couple hours of stuffing ourselves full of the cuisine from over 30 countries (plus several "special" U.S. states), several students performed for the community. At the end I was amazed that Darden had admitted me despite my complete lack of cooking, singing, dancing, or music-playing talents.

Here's a pictorial I captured of the event. To those considering applying to Darden, let me say, "If you lived here, you would be home right now!"

Team Mexico – many types of tacos!

The Hawaii table – "Island Party".  My roommate Aaron (on right) brought home the pulled pork leftovers :)

Gumbo and jumbalaya at the Louisiana station – "TJ's Best Purchase"

Team Colombia

Peruvian table.  Great sweet rice pudding!!

One of my learning team members worked the Caribbean table, serving tasty jerk chicken.

Team Texas.  Of course, they think they are a country.  And of course, everything is bigger there.  They served my first-ever (and second) deep-fried Oreo.  Verdict: Awesome!

True to the "everything is bigger..." motto, I think Texas had the biggest serving area of all (even bigger than China)

My classmate Allen represents Texas in his cowboy get-up.  Ideally he would start wearing this to class.

Team China.  Perhaps the most popular station at the festival, they sadly were mostly out of food when I arrived.

As consolation for the lack of food, however, the table did teach me how to write my name in Chinese!

Scandinavian table.  The sunglasses were completely unnecessary. (Isn't it completely dark there in winter?)

My other roommate, Ronald, shows off his salsa dancing skills with "Latina for a day" Stephanie from Hawaii.  After this performance, I'm sure Ronald will have no trouble attracting the ladies!


  1. The Russian table is totally ignored. This makes me a sad panda.

  2. There was a Russian table? Who doesn't crave borscht?

    Additionally, are you wearing a rainbow collared shirt? What class.

  3. The collar is red, white, and blue. Was trying to represent USA amongst all the internationals.