Monday, March 21, 2011

Darden United!

We're on spring break now at Darden, a great opportunity for everyone to catch their breaths after a frenetic winter.  Many students have jetted away on a Global Business Experience, to faraway lands such as Argentina, Spain, and Brazil. Some are working with a Chinese company for a "kaizen" week in Shanghai, and others are in Central America just enjoying the beach. For me and my roommates it has been a very relaxing time in Charlottesville. We've enjoyed the mild and sunny weather that has returned to Central Virginia and having Outlook calendars devoid of any appointments, finally!

With the end of winter means the end of my first UVA intramural indoor soccer season. Darden United is my coed team of first-year students, a group of old fogies who still have the magic to dominate some undergrads, on a good day! Our collective wisdom and knowledge makes us competitive against younger legs, plus we have a former US Olympic gold-medal winning goalkeeper on our squad! (my MIT varsity soccer experience pales in comparison)

Soccer players at Darden have a good support network. We play pickup games every weekend at "The Park" and also are starting a Darden soccer club to travel to MBA soccer tournaments around the country. If you're applying and wondering if you'll have people to play with here, you're in good hands!

Here's some photos of Darden United (courtesy of Filipp Gorelik):

Getting ready for kickoff at Memorial Gym
Starting in the goal...not my natural position!
Packed in defensively
The ball looks like it's on fire!

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