Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Grilling with Dean Bruner

Yesterday evening the Darden Student Bloggers had a pleasant dinner with Dean Bruner (if you track several of these you'll probably see 14 posts this week).  The Dean and his wife, Bobbie, graciously hosted us at the home which he has owned for over a quarter-century.  We shared stories about our student experiences and the Dean told us about a failed idea he had a few years ago for an online patent auctioning site.  The Dean grilled burgers and displayed a meticulous attention to detail -- we could choose from two types of cheese or a veggie burger, served with a fine assortment of wine and the local Starr Hill beer.

Quite the perquisite for someone who gets free reign to ramble about life in business school. Something to consider if you're an incoming Darden First Year -- join the Student Bloggers!

Bloggers hanging out pre-dinner in the Dean's backyard

At the risk of reprimand from Darden Media, I present a less-than-flattering photo of Dean Bruner about to grill some burgers  :-)

Darden Blogger group shot (some of us, at least)

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