Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Blink...and there goes First Quarter!!

Last year, in the midst of the depths of Black November, my learning team survived our GEM case discussions by watching this parodic South Park clip about the global financial crisis...

After watching this again (and getting another good laugh) I think that this video sums up my second year of business school, in a way. Instead of a bank account I have a rapidly dwindling account of time. These days, it feels like I blink my eyes, click my heels, and two weeks passes by. Annndd it's gone!

"What do you mean? I have a whole year left!"
"Not anymore you don't. Poof!!"
"Well what can I do to get back my..."
"I'm sorry sir, but this school is for enrolled students only."

This (or something similar) has been a recurring nightmare for me and many of my classmates over the course of the second year. Life at business school is way too fulfilling to want to leave and reenter the real world (though a paycheck would be nice). Probably every MBA graduate that I have spoken to in the universe has talked about how the second year passes far too quickly and how you need to make the most of the precious few moments we have here. Unless I'm able to complete my prototype time machine soon, we all will need to heed this advice.

29 mile bike ride to benefit the
Central Virginia Boys & Girls Club
I'm a little incredulous that I haven't written in this blog since August. Between a packed class schedule, student club events, nights on the town, intramural sports, weekends away, days in the mountains, and the full-time job search, I've known that I wanted to write something but just didn't commit the hour or two to piece together a proper blog entry.

Well, let's start at the beginning then. The second years returned to Charlottesville around August 20 or thereabouts. The first week or two was definitely a "honeymoon" period -- everyone was absolutely thrilled to be back and to see all the classmates who they had missed over the summer. Sort of like how the beginning of first year was defined by making introductions and getting to know everyone, the beginning of second year was marked by everyone wanted to know what you did with your summer and whether you liked it. We all talked about how things would be different (and better) in our second B-school go-round.

And different second year has been, though like the other bloggers I don't find that it has been any less busy. There have been weeks where my Outlook calendar has looked as ridiculous as Sara Sajadi's, though not nearly as well color-coordinated. The busy character of second year is far more manageable than first year -- it really is a "choose your own adventure" as fellow blogger Lily mentions. We all have our interests and the freedom to pursue them. For me this has involved planning events for the Energy Club as well as checking off items from that Charlottesville bucket list we all have.

Another beautiful day on Darden grounds
One of the aspects that I've found really valuable from my second year experience thus far has been the ability to use my "wisdom" built up from a year at Darden to mentor and advise the incoming student class. I was selected this year to serve in the Second Year Coaches program, where I am able to help 4 first-year students navigate the turbulent waters of MBA internship recruiting. This has been a great opportunity for me to give back to the school, as I was particularly grateful for the advice my SY Coach provided me last year. I have a great group of FY's to work with and I enjoy helping them find themselves anyway I can.

After a couple weeks all of us second years found our "flow" and are quite settled in now that it's October already. I do miss my mates in Section E but like that I'm able to see some new faces in the classroom through SY electives. The intensity level in class isn't the same as FY but there still are some really engaging case discussions. My Q1 tax class was probably the hardest class that I have taken at Darden and Horniman's "Leading Strategic Change" provided moments I was laughing so hard that my diaphragm hurt. Also, in elective classes you get some great guest speakers -- the hostage negotiator that visited my Bargaining class was definitely one of my top 5 class periods at Darden!

Time to get back to making every moment count between now and the seven months to graduation. So long until next time!

Wahoo-wa!  UVA football game

Darden Oktoberfest...PROST!

Rock slide in Shenandoah N.P.

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  1. Dude, the hostage negotiator was money. I'm saddened by the fact that I didn't find out about Horniman in time to take LSC. Oh well, hopefully Managerial Psychology will be just as fun.