Thursday, February 23, 2012

Darden Pranks: Section E Mischief Team

Somehow this prank from first-year came up in a lunch conversation I had with some prospective students today...

I know I've posted about Section E pride before, and watching this still makes me laugh.  Per long-standing tradition, our neighbors in Section D made this really loud banging noise that repeatedly disrupted our relatively peaceful Section E case discussions.  It got so bad, at one point, that our Operations professor Raul Chao went to go yell at them on our behalf!

We decided we needed to intervene a little further, so we started by installing a doorbell in the ceiling speaker of classroom 180, and assigned a student with a hidden button in our classroom to ring the chime whenever Section D did their banging thing.  This didn't work very well at deterring them, as you can tell from the video, probably because we set the chime to play soothing saxophone music.  Section D rather liked the chime, actually.

We then decided that we needed to fight with more "explosive" weapons.  We therefore installed a less pleasant sound device under the unlucky chair of one of the unsuspecting students, and I was assigned to pull the trigger.  Not only did we get Section D's attention, but we caught the whole shenanigans on tape!

In short, this video highlights the great sense of community that Darden students find when they enter Mr. Jefferson's university, which for me has been the greatest feature of spending two years studying here.

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