Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Darden Wanderlust

We're on spring break now at Darden, so of course the only way to keep in touch with what my classmates are up to is via the Facebook news feed.  Every day, pictures pour in from all corners of the globe.  From Mexico.  Peru.  Brazil.  London.  Amsterdam.  Turkey.  Dubai.  Israel.  China.  Japan.  Thailand.  Vietnam.  South Africa.  As one of my classmates described this, it's "Asians in Latin America, Latinos in Asia, Americans in India, Indians in Middle East and Europeans in America."

The fact that all these students are spending money they don't have to throw themselves out into the world says something interesting about our collective priorities.  It demonstrates a refreshing curiosity about the world, which can only serve my classmates well as we soon take our diplomas and depart into the world to (hopefully) become global managers.

As someone who traveled abroad for two months before business school and keeps a list of "travel destinations to visit" handy on his iPod, I am not immune to this wanderlust feeling.  In fact, I am one of the aforementioned Americans in India right now and have already become ill while here, so will have plenty more to blog about when I return to Charlottesville!

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